Friday, 24 February 2017

RPUG Meetings: Topics to Date - February 24, 2017

The Raspberry Pi User Group (RPUG) has met since November, 2016. Our numbers are small but we are growing slowly. Interests include the Raspberry Pi, but as anybody knows in DIY Tech circles, most of us have many interests such as:
Linux in general,
Ham radio,
Hardware and Software Synths, both purchased and DIY,
Atmel and PIC mcu's (both now under the MicroChip umbrella),
DIY metal-smithing, and
I am sure dozens more interests.

In our past meetings we have covered to some extent the following topics:
  • Raspberry Pi radio - your own little FM broadcaster!
  • Command line music players and how to use them to edit music files
  • FlightRadar24 - watch airline data
  • How to set up your RPi the first time
  • Minecraft Pi workshop - programming in Python to make your own custom Minecraft game
  • How to make an LED turn on and off using Python and RPi General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins
  • Free RPi material such as magazines and short books provided by "The MagPi" magazine
In our March 12th meeting we will cover operating a servo motor with the intent of building a motorized robot.

Learn basic electronics as you go along building different projects!

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